Family Day

Family Support Program

Family Support Program

Participate in a day of family-oriented addiction support in Charlotte, NC

Family day is fun and educational at NorthStar Clinical Services in Charlotte, NC. This is a time for loved ones and addiction support network members to participate in workshops and engage in therapeutic discussions. All family members are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Please note that family members under 12 years of age will participate in an expressive arts session that is separate from the primary family addictions support workshop.

Call 980-237-0431 to ask about the children's session.

Learn about our unique modality

We offer sand tray techniques to our participants during the family support workshops. These techniques are useful in discovering negative emotions or past traumas that are at the core of individual and family pain.

Family workshops help families:

  • Identify emotional hurt
  • Uncover negative and resentful feelings
  • Remove negative and emotional obstacles

Reach a more positive sense of living by participating in our family workshop each third Saturday of every month from 10am through 12pm. 

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